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At the moment, our service interacts with two books and 3 betting exchanges. Those are Pinnacle Sports, Sbobet, Betfair, Matchbook. The earnings of our service users depend on one factor only: the money turnover regardless of the win or loss.

Thus, for instance, the Pinnacle Sports returned on average around 0.3% of the money turnover, while Sbobet, 0.25%. The Matchbook and Betfair also pay money for the money turnover, only in a latent way. The betting exchanges pay 25% to 35% for the fee paid. This percentage varies somewhat with different exchanges, e.g. Betfair, 30%; Matchbook, from 25% to 35%. More detailed information on affiliate programs of bookmakers you can get by clicking the links to their affiliate programs.  

Let’s consider, by using the simplest example, how you will make money. For instance, you’ve registered with the Pinnacle Sports. Using our application AffMoney Calculator, you will easily calculate your profit. For example, by setting bets, in a month’s time, to the tune of 10,000 dollars, you will earn, with the help of our service, the following amount: 10,000*0.003=$30. Our service’s fee is only 10%, which is why your net profit will be $27. Not a bad sum from a single bookmaker.

Thus, registering through our service with the above mentioned bookmakers, you’ll be able to appreciably increase your income no matter which strategy you employ: arbitrage, bonus hunting, or just betting on your favourite team. Your profit here depends only on your activity with the bookmaker.

The same applies to the Skrill and Neteller. They pay a certain percent of the fee for money transfers (Skrill – 20%, Neteller – from 20% to 35%). Our service’s fee also makes up 10% of your earnings.

Some books have a CPA rate. It means a fixed payment for each user who made a deposit. Look for further details in a book description or in the forum topics.