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It’s no secret that there are a lot of books and betting exchanges established for taking bets on sports and other events online. Some bookmakers have been full-fledged participants of the online betting for decades while others are only taking the first steps in this business. The wide spread of the Internet enables players to play with any bookmaker. Their choice is determined by a variety of factors, such as reliability, convenience of getting the winnings, communication in native language, a possibility to make a specific bet on some exotic event. This creates a tough competition for a bettor between the bookmakers and exchanges. To attract new bettors, virtually each bookmaker and betting exchange has an affiliate program of its own. Let’s find out what it is.

For each bookmaker it is vitally important that as many bettors as possible make their bets expressly with him. There are many resources somehow related to betting, e.g. sports statistics and prediction sites, various thematic forums, services for comparing different bookmakers’ odds and many others. That’s where the bookmakers and betting exchanges can find their new customers. A site owner can participate in the affiliate program. Its essence is in that the participant of the affiliate program receives a reward for the bettors he draws in. Placed on the sites are links to the bookmaker, his advertising description and competitive advantages. A resource owner obtains a certain reward for the bettors attracted and their activity. The reward is individualized and fully described in his affiliate program.

Not all those wishing can join the affiliate program. Big books make rigid demands on the potential participants of their affiliate programs. These include both existence of the web-site regularly visited and a minimally required number of new bettors attracted each month. The affiliate program contains various restrictions, such as minimum payments and only commercial use. Therefore not every bettor can get these extra earnings.

But the situation changes if dedicated services are employed. The owners of such resources get the profit from the bookmaker for the bettors they involve and share it with those bettors. All are happy since the bookmakers obtain new customers, the site owner gets the profit under the affiliate program, and the bettor receives a certain part of this profit. However, the bettor faces a very specific issue, i.e. the site owner appropriates 30% to 50% of the profit fetched by the bettor. Thus the bettor is left with a miserable balance of the money earned by him as he makes bets.

Features of the Affiliates Money service:

  • Our fee is only 10(!!!)% of the bettor’s profit for participation in the affiliate program. Can you find a smaller fee?
  • For big bettors the fee can be still lower. We’ll discuss each such case individually.
  • With our help, risking nothing and without losing time, you can make profit by participating in affiliate programs of bookmakers and betting exchanges as well as those of Skrill and Neteller payment systems. All you need for this is just to register with the bookmaker through Affiliates Money and to make bets. Increase your profits remaining true to the winning strategies!