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By using Affiliates Money the service user registers himself with the listed books, betting exchanges and payment systems, then he registers with us and starts getting profit from participation in affiliate programs.
Your earning depends on the amount of bets in books and betting exchanges. The earning from affiliate programs of payment systems depends on the amount of transactions made.
The bookmakers don’t pay us regularly for participation in the affiliate program. And we can pay you only once we received the money. That’s why we need the preliminary and main balances for. First, the money is credited to your preliminary account. As soon as we get the money from the partner it is transferred to the main balance. You can order the payment from the main balance then.
At the moment we have the following information: Skrill, in 24 hours; Matchbook, on the 1st of each month; Sbobet , once in a month; Pinnacle, once in a month.
CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) is a type of cooperation with an affiliate program when you get a fixed amount for each new depositor. Generally, a bettor should put a certain start deposit and make several bets with it. Look for further details in a book description in the forum.
There’s only one way to do it – click the banner, go to the web-site and then register yourself.
There’re 3 important issues to consider. 1) We confirm an account as soon as it is appeared in the corresponding affiliate program. 2) Generally, affiliate programs are updated around 5.00 p.m. Moscow time every day. Then we usually make a confirmation. 3) If you opened an account at night or in the morning, you account information will appear only next day.
Unfortunately you can't. Only accounts registered through our links or banners participate in the affiliate programs of relevant books and payment systems.
The service fee is 10% of your earnings.
This information is available in your personal account. It is updated by a relevant bookmaker or payment system. We show this information the moment it becomes available to us.
As soon as we receive the money from the bookmaker, exchange or payment system, we instantly add it to your balance. At present you can receive the money via Skrill or Neteller.
The minimum payment amount is $15. The maximum payment amount is $1000.
A transfer fee was charged. All Affiliates Money users get one payment per month free of charge. For any extra payment a user pays the transfer fee to the payment system.
It seems that the software miscalculates the profit on some bet. Please, post the problem on the forum. We’ll try to fix it in the next software version.
There’s a reduced fee for bettors with high earnings. We have the following automatic fee calculation system: - if you earn from $1,000 to $2,000 per month, your fee is 7% instead of 10%; - if you earn over $2,000 per month, your fee is 5% instead of 10%. The fee is calculated automatically by the beginning of new month. For example, if in May you’ve earned $1,000; your June fee will be 7%. To the contrary, if your fee was 7% but this month you failed to earn required amount to maintain the fee, next month your fee will be again 10%.